Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cr-48 Day 6 - Cloud Printing, Part III

So, it does work.
ChromeOS's CTRL+P Menu
As it so happens, walking through the cloud print functions on my geriatric print server (Its a Pentium II, running XP) wasn't doing the trick.  I added cloud print capabilities to my primary desktop, and it was able to see the printer - which I connect to over the network, via the same XP box.  I printed out a seemingly appropriate test page to confirm that it does function.
Google Cloud Print Web Interface (Desktop Browser)

This web interface, viewable from anywhere, shows the status of current print jobs and connected printers.  It is a very slick interface.  There were no extra options to configure in Windows 7, just turn on cloud printing and forget about it.


  1. is this on cr-48 and if so how were u able to upgrade to chrome beta 10 because I know that is where u can get cloud print? I'm still running chrome 9 on my cr-48. thanks

  2. Chrome Beta is only required on the desktop for cloud print functionality. The notebook itself has the functionality built in - just hit ctrl+p.