Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mental Lockout

The phone rings.  I answer it, cheerfully.

“I’m locked out of the system.”

Ok, let me unlock that account for you.  Go ahead and try logging in again, if it doesn’t let you in, I’ll reset your password.

*Frantic typing*

“I’m locked out again.”  *Continued frantic typing*

Ok, let me unlock your account and reset your password.

*Continued sounds of frantic typing on the other end of the line*

I’ve unlocked your account, let me reset your pa....

*Pause in frantic typing* “I’m locked out again.” *Frenzied typing resumes*

Ooook....let me reset your password, then unlock your account.......all right, your password has been reset and your account has been unlocked.  Your password is qwerty.

*Continued frantic typing* “Is that with a capital Q?”

No, the password is all lower ca......

*Frantic typing pauses* “I’m locked out again.”

Why do I even try.

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