Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're all doomed - I need to get out of IT.

I really loathe my job.  No, seriously, you can quote me on that.  User support is a joke.  I've been dealing with a user all morning who has screwed up their outlook PST.  No big deal, right.  Except, this yutz uploaded their corrupted PST not only to the server (Roaming profile) but the backup set as well.  User corrupted it by not waiting for his laptop to shut down, and just yanking and running mid sync.  Now I can't magically fix this problem for him - there is no drop in fix for human stupidity, not to mention a corrupted 600+mb data file.  But this guy actually expects me to KNOW exactly what he did wrong and magically, with a blink of my eye or a twitch of my nose, fix the problem.  Uh, it does NOT work that way, pal.  And don't rush me - these things take time.

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