Sunday, January 18, 2009

Insignificant information

My blog is moving. My random musings can now be found at instead of the prior Difficult to spell, isn't it. That was my problem too. I kept forgetting the URL myself, never updated the stupid thing. Hopefully the combination of a new site and new layout will help. Everyone hated my black on red theme. Anyway, I've converted over some of the more recent posts from the old blog site, and until I get the rest ported over, you can find my old posts on the Livejournal page..

Also, a huge thanks to Linux Lore for their Blog2Blog tool. It made conversion from Livejournal to Blogger a snap. You can find them at

AAAAUGH. My crappy Linksys router just crashed.


  1. Ah. Now we're talking. THIS is a real blog.

    Really though, it looks pretty awesome. Now I won't have to avoid it because of the headaches your old color scheme used to cause.

  2. And that header image is freaking sweet.