Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Logmein Hamachi - when I first found this tool, I was in love. Multiplatform support, the ability to connect all my devices via vpn without crazy configurations, messing around with nutty firewall settings, or any other confusion. For a young, relatively inexperienced geek, it was a great find.

Fast forward 4 or so years to the present. I had been dealing with Windows exclusively for the past few months, but necessity had driven me toward Linux for a new server. Yearning for my anywhere, anytime access, I turned to Hamachi again. But wait....where's my Linux support? What happened to my zero configuration VPN heaven? Hamachi support for Linux had evaporated. Not wanting to run an entire dedicated Windows server for IIS, I had to seek out another option.

I've worked with OpenVPN in Linux before. Honestly, its a headache I didn't want, and the Windows integration was less than stellar. In stumbling my way around the web looking for an easier way to use OpenVPN, I stumbled across a blog post about a "Hamachi alternative" called NeoRouter. As I began to investigate this gem, I quickly realized that this was not just an alternative, it was a true Hamachi Killer. The ease of configuration and excellent Windows GUI, familiar from the Hamachi heyday was present, along with unexpectedly good features such as OpenWRT server capabilities that rival OpenVPN, and web based monitoring and management.

Now, I'm not one to write a guide, I'm more of a follower when it comes to instruction. However, the folks over at sucka.net have put together an absolutely phenomenal guide for NeoRouter configuration. If you are looking for a Hamachi replacement for your multi-platform VPN, give NeoRouter a good look.

NeoRouter - www.neorouter.com

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