Thursday, September 9, 2010

Server? Really? Kind of.

My "server" is getting to be a bit long in the tooth.  Its a single core Athlon XP 2400+ box, running with 1gb of PC2100 memory.  It only handles a single website, and some fileshares, so it was more than enough for the job. Unfortunately, it seems that the old system is giving up the ghost  Any moderate activity seems to trigger a thermal event.  Of course, that's discounting the fact that running an Athlon XP in and of itself constitutes a thermal event - best space heater investment I've ever made.  After nearly 6 years of being my primary desktop PC, and testing/fooling around rig, with nary an upgrade (with the exception of a failed mobo swap a few years back - finding a replacement board was a chore) the original components are finally due for an upgrade.  Since it plays host to my mother's website, a few dozen ISO's/must have program installers, and a small VMware playground, retiring it completely just isn't in the cards.  Therefore, when I get home, I have the pleasure of installing a brand new in box Athlon 64 3000+ and A8N-SLI board into the old beast.  Why do I have these laying around, you ask?  Well, they were the starting point for a gaming rig that I intended to build about 3-4 years ago to replace the old Athlon XP box.  Technology outran my budget, so by the time I managed to start collecting components again, fancy things like DDR2, quad core processors, etc, had flooded the market at insane prices.  This is why I have $300 dollars (original MSRP 5 years ago) of prime midrange 2005 desktop PC gear sitting around, still sealed in the OEM boxes.

On another less pleasant side note, I cannot find a floppy disk to save my life.  Bios updates on old Dells are impossible without one.  Hopefully I'll have better luck tracking down a PCI video card for my "new," "old" new server board.

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