Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cr-48 Day Two - Playing with printing, Part 1.

Day 2 - Cloud Printing

For day two's test project, I decided to set up cloud printing.  I didn't have time to play with settings before I left the house, so I started a bit blind.

Pressing Ctrl+P on the Cr-48 brings up a popup that explains Cloud printing, and provides you with as a link to get started.  Needing to configure this on the PC that has a connection to the printer was going to be an issue, or so I thought.  Knowing that I don't have my VPN available on this unit, I decided to try my old fallback method, Logmein.  The interface works splendidly on the Chrome notebook, and I was connected to my print server at home (an ancient Windows XP box) within moments.  I fired up the link from the popup, only to be prompted to download chrome to my print server.  The version of Chrome provided by the link is a early testing build, and the installer warns of this.  Once I fired it up, I navigated to the options page, and at the bottom of the "Under the hood" page, found the Cloud Print options I was looking for.
After enabling this option, Chrome promptly crashed.  Subsequent attempts to reenable it were met with the same result.  As I was running out of waking time, I shuttered it for the time being,but I'll pick up on it over the next few hours and see how far along I can get.

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