Friday, January 28, 2011

Google Priority Inbox Tip

I've been playing with priority inbox for the past few days, seeing if it fits into my email life.  I've always liked Gmail's spam filtering, but I still end up sorting the good email from the chaff - unimportant things that I still want in my inbox to refer back to later.  When I first set up Priority Inbox, true to the system's purpose, it began to categorize things that were important to me.  The one problem?  One of the ways Gmail determines what goes in the priority box is by looking at what/who you regularly respond to.  My inbox was just as flooded, with my various forum response alerts, Facebook alerts, and Google Group emails!

I decided to tackle this today, and clean up my email once and for all.  Lo and behold, it was easier than I thought.

If you haven't played around with Gmail's filters, it's well worth looking into.  My forum, groups, and alerts that regularly come in are now nicely sorted - and I was able to specify that none of them were to be flagged into my priority inbox!  Gmail makes it very easy to manage these unweildy email problems, and after a few minutes of fiddling with filters for my various categories, I have a nice, clean priority inbox that actually WORKS!

If your priority inbox doesn't seem to have your priorities in mind, try working a bit with your rules.  A few minutes spent perfecting a rule list can clean up your new, shiny priority inbox, and make sure that Gmail prioritizes the way that you do.

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