Friday, February 18, 2011

Cr-48 update - fixed a problem that I didn't know I needed fixed.

For the past few weeks, my Cr-48, which is running on the developer channel, ran into some issues with the webcam.  No matter what site I tried, it simply wouldn't work.  I hadn't really paid it much mind, simply because I don't do much related to videos.  However, when I wanted to use it for Google video chat, and couldn't get it to work, I decided to take my little notebook to work and figure out the problem.

I didn't have to do much.  The update that dropped yesterday (I believe) fixed the issue for me.  I downloaded it when I got to the office, and discovered that my problem had disappeared.

For what it's worth, Google is doing a great job of keeping these units up to date for the testers, fixing bugs and taking care of issues in quick order.

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