Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why I still buy in person.

I've tried to embrace digital distribution.  Steam gets a fair bit of cash from my gaming budget, on occasion.  Every so often, however, I hit the local GameStop for my latest impulse purchase.  Each time, it reminds me why I don't like digital distribution - I think I may start buying all my games from the box retailers once again, and here's why.

To my fellow geeks - don't decry the visit to your local gaming store.  I view it as part of the experience now - chatting the latest games, getting advice from sales reps who know my game collection, and just generally getting to chat with folks who have the same passion that I do is part of what makes bringing the latest blockbuster game case home with me.  Buying from an e-tailer doesn't have that same magic.

To the rep at the Exton Mall GameStop - Thanks for the chat and the game recs, and I'll be sure to fill you in on Bulletstorm.  To GameStop - keep doing what you are doing, and hiring good people, and I'll keep coming back to satiate my gaming addiction.

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